This is an overview of the mission and vision of (sub)Urban Projections. For information about this year’s festival on Nov. 5,  7, 10, & 14, 2012, please see our Schedule & Details.


(sub)Urban Projections champions emerging artists, cultivates community, and generates vibrancy in downtown Eugene through a multimedia arts festival.


(sub)Urban Projections is a free festival that strives to create a vibrant and colorful environment fostering conversation and appreciation for contemporary art and new media. Through digital projections, the streets and alleys will be illuminated and the downtown landscape transformed, creating an inviting atmosphere for people to gather and enjoy the city while supporting local businesses, artists, and culture.


• Illuminate and invigorate downtown Eugene, especially at a time when economic and cultural activity is minimal.
• Provide a forum for emerging multimedia artists to experiment and establish themselves.
• Promote experiments on the edges of art and technology.
• Create an accessible, affordable public art experience.
• Partner with local businesses to stimulate downtown business and cultural activity.
• Generate dialogue about emerging art forms in and beyond our community.
• Re-imagine our city and the possibilities for public art and space.
• Strengthen connections among the University of Oregon, City of Eugene, and community at large.

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